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March 22nd 2016

Process has been on my mind a lot this last year; changing jobs and starting side projects are perfect opportunities to compare and contrast different teams and working cultures. This piece by Lopp captures beautifully one of the main challenges I've seen while joining a new (and especially-large) company.

“You can either blindly follow the bulleted lists or you can ask why. They’re going to ignore you the first time you ask, the second time, too. The seventh time you will be labeled a troublemaker and you will run the risk of being uninvited to meetings, but I say keep asking why.”

I'm still navigating this path. It's hard to ask why and to challenge the status quo.

One thing I've started doing recently is blocking off at least three 4-hour blocks of time per week to go deep on production. I'm finding this to be not only a period of high output and productivity, but it also seems to align my own goals with the rest of the team's. It forces me to cluster meetings towards one side of the day, and usually towards one side of the week. The result? Less interruption, better work, happier teammates.

“Insist on understanding because a healthy process that can’t defend itself is a sign that you’ve forgotten what you believe.”

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