Deep Work

March 28th 2016

Last week I finished Deep Work by Cal Newport on a recommendation from Jon Gold - it's a fascinating read for designers and engineers and so-called "knowledge workers." The book will only take you a few hours to get through, but offers an incredibly-dense amount of information that will you have you reflecting on just how messed up modern-day work culture really is.

Here's one of my favorite passages about craftsmanship:

Throughout most of human history, to be a blacksmith or a wheelwright wasn't glamorous. But this doesn't matter, as the specifics of the work are irrelevant. The meaning uncovered by such efforts is due to the skill and appreciation inherent in craftsmanship - not the outcomes of their work. Put another way, a wooden wheel is not noble, but its shaping can be. The same applies to knowledge work. You don't need a rarified job; you need instead a rarified approach to your work.

I highly recommend this book if you're feeling consumed by persistent distraction and circular-progress in your work.

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