March 29th 2016

Design apps and prototyping tools allow you to create fantastical visions of what UI could look like. But when it comes to digital product design, a mockup or prototype’s sole purpose is to clearly communicate a proposed solution to stakeholders and developers. In the end, only what a developer can reproduce in code (in combination with assets) can make it to production.

It's been fun watching Bryn work on this guide over the past week. Designing on an 8-pt grid is something we talk about a lot on Design Details as a practical, useful process for any designer. This guide explains in-depth how to use the grid properly, from baselining text to pixel-fitting icons.

As a side note: this is the launch of a new Spec project, Specifics, meant to share guides and resources to help designers and developers improve their workflow, process and output. Follow along with us on Twitter, @specfm!

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