March 31st 2016

“Bull,” Lacero interrupted. “That’s just an excuse people use to dodge responsibility. The world is what we make it. We could have found solutions to the energy crisis if we’d tried. And the corporations only took over because no one else was willing to deal with the crap necessary to run a society. No one cared. The whole damn world is obsessed with this place. It’s a constant escape from reality. But it’s not reality. And the real world is crumbling around us while the people obsess over idiotic video games.”

I picked up Ready Player One late last year on a recommendation from Joel Califa - I devoured it in a matter of days. They say this book is required reading for anyone who wants to design/develop in VR.

So here's your order of operations:

  1. Read Ready Player One
  2. Read Lacero - just a short 2 pages of fanfic
  3. Build cool stuff in VR

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