April 5th 2016

A few things I noticed on Twitter over the past 72 hours:

  • People taking cheap jabs at others for having the "designers-coders" debate. It's become a meme at this point despite the fact that there is still strong disagreement among design leaders. This indicates a need for deeper understanding and community discussion to evolve our thinking. When younger designers see leadership-level designers dismissing the entire argument then they too will be more prone to dismiss it without fully understanding the history and complexity of the subject.
  • Anti-coding sentiment for the sake of being pro-design. These are not, and never were, mutually exclusive. If you don't think that designers need to code, please don't say that they shouldn't code. Designers should learn everything they possibly can to better understand the discipline and be better at their craft; code is one such tool that will help them level up in a way that most other tools won't.
  • We have not built a healthy way to talk about nuanced topics as a design community. The "designers should code" debate isn't solved. It's an evolving discussion that will likely continue in perpetuity as our tools and technologies change. Let's embrace that and build a culture of support, not snark. Let's give designers context and understanding, not cheap one-liners meant to paint the argument as a binary win or lose dialogue.

I love this community. Let's please just be better and support each other and spend time thinking about what kind of standards for discourse are being set on Twitter and elsewhere.

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