April 6th 2016

We’re afraid that releasing unpolished stuff will garner us public ridicule and rotten cabbages. The reality is that no one but the most extreme haters will react if the work is bad. Unless you live in a snake den, people will only let you know what they like, rather than what they don’t.

Ash writes a beautiful piece about embracing obscurity as we try to carve our small niche in the world. I love it. But I'd add one thing which I've found to be a deterrent to people like me sharing work in public:

What happens when I'm wrong?

Every time I click publish on this little blog I know that, someday, I'll look back on the posts with a sense of naivety. Naivety for having been short-sighted, or not having had a clear understanding of problems and solutions. And that's scary to confront: that I'm most likely going to be wrong and might end up shouting that wrong-ness into the world.

But I do it anyways because it's fun, and it's challenging, and it helps to clarify the thoughts racing around in my head. But more importantly, every once in a while, somebody reaches out saying that it made a difference.

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