April 8th 2016

The design community deserves better than this.

I remember when DN was a rad little site that was growing slowly and everyone along. We shared cool articles and stories, talked about what was happening in the industry and generally acted like normal, decent people.

But something broke along the way. This 'Men of Designer News' post is the coup de grâce in my mind. I'm disheartened to see a place that so many people once loved turn into a place where women and people of color don't feel safe and don't feel welcomed to join the conversation.

So we're building something better.

First, context: The Spec community has been growing like crazy over the past year. Our Slack team has over 4,000 people talking about what's new in design and development, sharing job opportunities, talking about tools and techniques, and generally helping each other level-up.

But at 4,000+ people, Slack also starts to break down. Conversations get messy, it becomes daunting to jump into a conversation-in-progress, and maintaining a history of discourse is nearly impossible.

That's why we're working on a replacement - and we're calling it Spectrum. Our goal is to build a place for people of all backgrounds and all job descriptions to connect and talk and help each other grow. The name Spectrum not only captures the kinds of content we want to share - from technology to design to development and more - but it also captures the kind of community we want to build: one that is inclusive of all genders, races, backgrounds, experience levels, and locations.

It's not going to be an easy problem to solve, but we believe it's the right problem to solve.

If you want to be notified whenever we have progress on Spectrum, you can get email updates or follow us on Twitter @specfm.

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