Objective management

April 15th 2016

The art of management is that most of the time, in the moment, it can be entirely unclear whether you’re doing the right thing...Ultimately, you need to have faith in yourself and do what resonates with you. And when you reflect back on those outcomes, you need to recognize and learn from your mistakes.

I'm trying to find any objective truths about management but it seems they are few and far between – if they even exist at all. And while I enjoy Julie's writing, I ended Part 2 feeling more uncertain than when I began.

I know that these posts are reflective of Julie's own thoughts and experiences, which means they come from a certain set of constraints and contexts i.e. there is more to be interpreted.

But in my mind this quote above seems to be both a problem and solution at the same time. People following their gut, against all odds, and learning in retrospect – it feels like this advice is prone to creating both good and bad managers in a given system (or at the very least, creating good managers slower).

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