Early feedback

April 26th 2016

Last Friday night and Saturday morning I hacked on a small project idea that would make it easier to see a UI under different constraints with just a few clicks. Imagine being able to check your UI on small screens, large screens – different operating systems – with just a few dropdowns and checkboxes.

It turns out it's quite possible. I tried my best to make a working prototype, put a video up on Youtube and started asking for feedback from the community.

So far the comments have been great – so many people telling me, quite bluntly, that they wouldn't use it, or that it doesn't solve a problem in their workflow. But it's rad because a) I'm getting that feedback really early so I can change the way I iterate on the idea and b) because people are telling me what tangential problems they have based on this prototype, so I'm building a more clear understanding of how to solve those problems.

One of the best learnings from sharing this thing super early is that I'm not great at describing the vision I have in my head for what kinds of problems this product could solve now and in the future. Which means I failed (this time) as a designer. My responsibilities go so far beyond the pixels – it's up to me to actually convince people that this is something worth using and that it can solve real problems.

In this case, what's in my head did not map to what I said out loud. And the pixels on the screen for this super-early prototype certainly weren't enough. I'll keep practicing and be better next time.

Either way, I'm still excited about this prototype and idea. It's also a great excuse to dive into React. More updates to come...

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