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May 12th 2016

One of the most attractive aspects of design is the sense of freedom it offers. To a designer, there’s something exciting about a blank canvas — ultimate creative freedom. But the reality is, when it comes to design systems, creativity and freedom are just not that important. Noodling about in Sketch might appeal to a designer’s creative needs but it’s not at all conducive to a performant, cohesive web product.

Sharing a design system can be a scary thing. It opens your team's process and craft up to the world's judgment and critique. It also feels a bit like giving away some of the secret sauce that makes your product/brand/style your own.

But sharing the system also allows your team to talk honestly about what they've learned, understand mistakes and invite improvements from the community. More importantly, I believe, is that it continues to push our community further in the direction of transparency and shared learning.

Marvel's own public style guide is one of the better-executed guides on the web. The writeup sourced above gives us a glimpse into their process and is definitely worth a read for anyone working on design systems.

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