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May 10th 2016

There are things I’m proud of and things I’m not proud of when it comes to what our department has accomplished over the last few years, but standing above anything related to our craft is the responsibility the team took in building empathy for women and minorities in our industry, having honest conversations about where we needed to improve, and finally diversifying our team substantially.

This is one of the best pieces about tech and SF that I've read in a long time. Set aside 15 minutes and dive in, there's something for everyone in Mike's piece. From the role of product management to diversity to culture to hiring to empathy to management to, well, everything else – this post covers so many important and nuanced topics. These topics are often difficult to discuss candidly – the design community in SF is so damn small and everyone seems to know everyone.

Something on my mind recently is the tough realization that what's published online by designers about work, culture, careers and happiness is rarely an accurate representation of reality. But somehow Mike has managed to be real in his piece without calling out people or companies. That's really hard to do – thank you Mike for sharing so honestly with us.

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