Being A Developer After 40

May 16th 2016

The stories surrounding the genesis of our industry are fascinating, and will show you two things: first, that everything is a remix. Second, that you could be the one remixing the next big thing. No, scratch that: you are going to be the creators of the next big thing.

This piece is overflowing with so much wisdom applicable beyond software development. Never stop learning, read more, teach others, respect those who have invented before, don't get caught in the hype...the list goes on.

A lot of people agree that 2007, the year of the iPhone, was a defining moment for the current "digital product design" profession. If you buy that notion, it means our little world isn't even a decade old. We're still in the early days of inventing and failing, several decades behind on the same path that programmers have walked before.

It's an exciting time to be a product designer: we can look to software development as a rubric, but the present and future are wide open for invention and innovation.

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