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May 19th 2016

First things first: the new Epicurrence has been announced! The site is gorgeous, as always – definitely take a peek. I'm still trying to figure out how the dynamic underlining on input fields work...🤔

Second: I'm a big believer in what Dann has built with Epicurrence. It's the best design "conference" I've ever been to (twice!). Everyone should request an invite – I know there's some sticker shock attached to these events, that's totally reasonable. But apply anyways. There are a lot of creative ways to make the price a non-issue, I'm sure Dann is working on some things now as he has done in the past.

And now the main point: Epicurrence's Code of Conduct. This is a document worth reading regardless of what event it's attached to; it holds truths that apply to all conferences and design events. Marc Hemeon put a lot of love into this document, and now it serves as a foundation for all future Epicurrence events (and as a rubric for other aspiring communities) – thank you, Marc.

Starting a community is hard, growing it is harder, but the hardest part of all is turning a community into a space where everyone is welcomed, respected, and encouraged.

Codes of conduct have been on our mind a lot lately at Spec. We owe so much to people like Paul, Marc and Sean who devote their time and energy into making the design community a better place for all of us.

If you are part of a design community, or run one on your own, please consider making a code of conduct. I believe that these documents over time and added-up will shape the future of our community's discourse.


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