Sketch Pricing

June 8th 2016

So, to confirm the upcoming change: Sketch will be dropping its traditional version numbering scheme, and everybody will receive at least another six months of free updates, after which you can extend your license to receive another year’s worth.

Sketch is moving to a yearly pricing model, with a guaranteed 6-month window of free updates for existing users. After that, people will be billed annually with rolling updates and no more major version releases.

I personally don't mind this change, for a few reasons:

  1. Sketch literally makes me perform my job better and faster. Software that makes you faster usually pays for itself within a few days or weeks.
  2. If you don't choose to continue paying after a year, you can still use Sketch. Of course, you'll miss updates and new features. Backwards compatibility will be a bit, dare I say, sketchy. But at least you won't lose access to the software.

If this new model ensures that Sketch will be around for years to come, and that the team can afford to keep building features that make designing products faster (and better), then I'm all in.

After a few hours, it looks like the biggest concern for people is backwards compatibility. From what I can gather, the team is focused on building as many features as possible with backwards compatibility in mind. Only certain major launches (like the new symbols) will cause issues, at which point updating versions is a no-brainer.

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