Failed Interviews

June 9th 2016

Communication skills, professional attitude and being trustworthy are just many of the important traits everybody should embody when being interviewed. However it’s a two-way street and sometimes even the best candidates are challenged by poor interviewers.

This post is likely time-sensitive, because Claudio Guglieri is on a streak of replacing his home-page stories with stunning new visuals and arrangements every couple of months. After he's done, the old ones move to Medium and the new one takes center stage. This makes his work all the more enticing – it's here today, replaced tomorrow (although I'm sure he has an archive hidden somewhere with his past creations).

This fourth entry, Failed Interviews, is a concise series of stories and tips for both interviewers and interviewees. My favorite: don't talk trash about a previous company, ever. It's a bad vibe for everyone in the room; in an interview setting, positivity goes a long way in demonstrating professionalism and getting people to feel comfortable being vulnerable with you.

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