On Being A Senior ________

June 27th 2016

They recognize that at some point, their individual contribution and potential cannot be exercised singularly. They recognize that there is only so much that can be produced by a single person, and the world’s best engineering feats are executed by teams, not singularly brilliant and lone engineers.

What an amazing post, targeted towards engineering but maps so beautifully to design. "Senior" is a challenging, ambiguous word to define. And in the design world it seems that anyone with more than five years of experience finds themselves with this title – it makes sense given that (our current idea of) mobile app design has only been a thing for less than a decade.

But Allspaw challenges the idea of years of experience as an indication of seniority in a clear, thoughtful and articulate way. As someone early in their career, this will serve as an incredible framework for growth and development in the coming years.

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