Burnout and Mental Health

June 28th 2016

I didn't fully realize that I had more power now as a programmer. I didn't think about power struggles-- how other people did go home, but because they took the risk of standing up for themselves.

Engineers have this power. Designers have this power. Stand up for yourself. I see, and participate in, conversations about the hustle on Twitter – "work your ass off, don't party, don't do this, don't do that, give up this, give up that..."

It's a balance (cliche, I know). You can have a social life and be a successful designer. You can party and be a successful designer. Everyone's time scale for success is different.

Some people have been tuning their process for years in order to create a massive amount of output per day. Trying to jump straight to that point can be dangerous. Ten thousand hours, or something like that...

What's more important than the hustle is finding your hustle.

Sometimes your hustle might be working late at night to ship a product that you're proud of. Sometimes your hustle is working your ass off to set the expectation with your peers and managers that you do not check your email after 7pm.

That's a hustle I admire: the hustle of self-respect, understanding your own personality and style, and understanding that, yes indeed, there are some things more important in life than "shipping great products."

A reminder from Meg:

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