Talk Turkey

July 5th 2016

Sorry if this comes off as super self-promotey, but I really did have a lot of fun chatting with Gabe on his newest side project, Talk Turkey.

When Gabe first shared his idea with me, I got immediately caught up in the excitement and possibilities of this kind of surface. Talk Turkey would be a series of interviews with different people, but rather than having an editorial Q&A format, the interviews would literally be copy-pasted chat conversations.

As a result, you end up with interviews that feel much more honest and true to the person's voice. As a reader you get this deep voyeuristic sensation of peeking into what was once a private discussion, almost like you're reading Gabe's phone over his shoulder.

All of the chats so far have been real and honest in ways I've never quite seen before – I highly recommend taking some time to read them. My own conversation with Gabe is about writing, side projects, and internet fame – it was a lot of fun to talk about and I hope you enjoy reading!

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