The Right Tool for the Job

July 5th 2016

“Those who can’t, teach,” is clearly wrong. I certainly still design things. I write code every day, too. Sometimes I even design and code well! However, I’ve never worked on something that multiplied my efforts as much as when I started building things to help others learn and help each other.

I've been waiting for Bryn to make this announcement for a while – I couldn't be more excited for his next move to join Figma and help the entire design community come together, level up, and build better products together.

Also some cool updates:

If you're in our Spec Slack team you can now use Figma! Just select "sign in with Slack" and enter 'specnetwork' as the Slack team name. That will give you access to some Spec projects in Figma like Inspect, where we host public critiques, and Spectrum, where we'll be building our next community product in public. And, of course, you'll be able to use Figma for personal projects and whatever else you want to work on!

And if you're in the bay area, come hang out with the Figma team (and me!) next Thursday. Sign up here.

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