Pushing and Pulling Goals

July 22nd 2016

The third part of it is that things done for push goals usually suck.

A problem is that I have a lot of short-term goals and almost no long-term goals; no career or skill-level long-term (5+ years) plans or strategies (aside from the obvious "be better" principle of growth). There's value in just letting things happen but this post about push/pull goals frames this lack of intentionality in a different way. Push goals force us to fit our thoughts and actions into a post-facto fabricated worldview. It's a way to find justification for doing the things we do after they've already happened.

I haven't met many people with goals beyond a year – or maybe five years, for the truly introspective. It's often the case that people realize how quickly things change, especially in the design industry when you never know what kinds of opportunities will pop up next month. So right now I'm just questioning what are the right kind of long-term goals (if any) and when is it okay to just let the waves roll in and deal with change as it comes?

Push versus pull goals – nice in theory, but challenging in execution at a long-term scale.

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