Employee #1: Apple

July 28th 2016

Well, to succeed early on you have to be a self-starter. You have to be self-empowered. You have to have a sense that, “I can do whatever needs to be done even if it’s never been done before.

A fun interview filled with stories from Bill Fernandez, Apple's first employee and eventually a software designer for the Mac. Somehow I never get tired of these early stories – this bit was also great (and relevant to how I feel today):

And sure, it was great working with my friends. It was also great having the opportunity for us to build our own computer, so yeah. It was great.

Bryn has imparted on me a different kind of mindset than I'd had when first moving to SF – let's just build cool shit with our friends. And that's kind of the underlying drive of Spec and Design Details: let's go have fun, and work with people that are smart and energizing, and hopefully we can all teach each other and build things people want.

That feels like a good place to be.

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