Slowing down

September 6th 2016

This week we've made the transition to releasing one episode of Design Details per week. For over a year we've been cruising at a steady two-episodes-per-week pace, and I'm so thankful we were able to pull it off. But slowing down is the right move: it will give Bryn and I more time to work on other projects at Spec and will make the Design Details podcast itself more sustainable for the long-term. Side project burnout is a thing, too, and the last thing I'd want is to hit a point where projects that are a source of creative and personal fulfillment start to feel like a job.

Being aware of when that feeling starts to creep in is the first challenge. Navigating a way to reverse that is the next phase.

Thanks to everyone who has been listening to the show for the last year and a half – we have so many more great shows to come, but now at a more realistic pace for everyone.

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