September 7th 2016

We can endlessly argue about why Apple should keep or remove the headphone jack; what I’m interested in is which argument Apple chooses to make.

Apple has succeeded in removing the floppy, the optical drive, and more. I'm also excited to see the story that unfolds today; I remember when the Macbook Air was released and there was an initial scramble and confusion – what about our CDs!?

But here we are, in 2016, and I haven't touched a CD in years. The over-the-air-software story Apple told was not only more valuable to customers, but also an incredibly opinionated perspective on how the world should use computers.

What I'm curious to see today, as I sit here with my headphones plugged into my iPhone, is what story might win the world over today, and whether it's true that removing the 3.5mm jack is the most valuable thing for customers as we move into the future.


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