September 12th 2016

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend XOXO in Portland, Oregon. It's the largest conference I've ever been to, with over 1,200 attendees. I'm so thankful I was able to go, especially after hearing so many good things about this gathering over the last several years.

Despite being surrounded by so many friends – new and old – I left feeling totally drained, possibly stressed. A few friends expressed similar feelings; on Sunday afternoon a few of us sat outside, dodging the sun and not getting too serious about anything at all. That helped.

Introversion seems to have become a glamorized condition during the past few years. There are good things about it, I know, but this weekend I found myself wishing I fell further along the spectrum towards extroversion. I'm mostly concerned that I'm not cut out for conferences like this: festivals and gatherings filled with people who I look up to, many of whom I call friends, who I want to learn from and get to know better.

But now I'm just tired, wondering if these kinds of events are for me.

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